Milestone Boards

Have you ever seen those photoshoots that people do with their children that include a really cute poster board announcing how old the child is and what their favorites are, etc.? Did you ever think: "Aww, that's a really cute poster board. I'd want one like that for my baby!"


Well, I make those! 


As a mother of two, I know what it's like to want to document every moment, every milestone of your baby's life. I understand how you have this urge to do every cute thing possible when it comes to your little one. I actually started out by creating boards for my own kids and using them for their birthday photoshoots. The boards now hang in the baby's room. I want to share that with you. I want to give you something to document each special moment as your little one grows. You can select from some of my themes or tell me your own idea for a theme and I'll bring it to life! 

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